Applications for the Broadband Europe Award 2015 can be submitted using the xls template provided on this page. Submissions can be accepted from the 18th of June to the 18th of September 2015.

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The Broadband Europe award submissions can be done using a xls template available on this page.

The application period opens on 18th of June 2015 and will close 18th of September 2015 (12:00 pm).

The application form must be filled in and sent to the evaluation team.

The evaluation process

Step 1:

All proposals must meet the basic criteria. To reach this, it is recommended to read the questions and explanations included in the template carefully. For specific questions, please contact our team at atene KOM .

The NGN Award is an initiative by the European Commission. The atene KOM will facilitate this process for both, the EU Commission and the applicants. In this context, a help desk will be implemented by atene KOM to support applicants in all stages if the application process. The help desk will be available at office hours (9 am to 5 pm on working days).

Step 2:

Meeting the minimum criteria will lead to closer examination. Each project will be assessed following a set of evaluation criteria and predefined categories. This includes a ranking for quantitative values (e.g. number of households supplied with broadband) and a descriptive valuation taking into account aspects that cannot be counted or measured (e.g. benefits for the regions).

Step 3:

The selected projects will then be proposed to a jury made up of experts from different EU institutions with professional backgrounds in technological, financial and regional fields of expertise and high ranking representatives from relevant GDs of the EU Commission.

Step 4:

The final decision will be taken by the jury – each member choosing the projects that, in their view, meets best the requirements of a NGN Best Practice that not only solved infrastructure problems on local level, but that also has the ability to stand as an adoptable model for other regions.


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