Commissioner Mariya Gabriel outlined her "Women in Digital" strategy and the actions that are in place to promote more women and girls participation in the digital sector in her speech at the Women in Tech summit.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel today gave the opening speech at the Women in Tech Summit, held in Warsaw, Poland. She stressed the importance of getting more women in the ICT sector as Europe is seeing an increase in the demand for ICT specialists. She also referred to the facts that support a worrying trend in the participation of women in the digital sector and outlined the actions in her strategy with three pillars that focus on combatting stereotypes, promoting IT trainining for girls and women and promoting women entrepreneurs in the digital sector. 

She empahasised the need for Member States' cooperation in monitoring and promoting women's participation in each of their countries and congratulated Poland for being one of the countries in the EU that had a higher percentage of women graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

The Women in Digital strategy initiated by the Commissioner is progressing with many of the actions being put in place already to monitor and promote the participation of women in the digital sector.