What if sensors in your pipelines could help you save water and reduce your bills? That's what the Spanish company A-cing and the Digital Innovation Hub of the Technical University of Madrid have developed within the European project CPSELabs.

Water is a scarce resource that will be increasingly important to preserve. However, there is still the need to raise awareness about the way we consume it, at our own homes and in public buildings. This will not only have an impact in sustainability but also in the money spent on water and energy bills by many consumers.

With this goal in mind, the Spanish company A-cing, in partnership with other companies and the Digital Innovation Hub of the Technical University of Madrid, has developed a smart system capable of monitoring water consumption and providing users with relevant information.

The solution consists of smart meters, sensors, and actuators installed in the pipelines to collect data about the water consumption. This information is then sent to a cloud platform where data is analysed and processed to then be visualised by the consumer or the relevant company/public authority through an app. With this system, it is possible to see disaggregation of water usage and get alarms about anomalous consumption and leaks.

This smart system was successfully tested on the premises of the Technical University of Madrid and it is now implemented in two pilot sites at a primary school and a sports centre in municipalities of Spain and Portugal.


  • Providing detailed information to citizens to increase their awareness of the value of water resources and responsible consumption.
  • Reducing cost of both energy and water bills, up to 50% considering the early detection of leaks and open taps.
  • For water utilities, the system allows them to assess the needs of different consumers, forecasting the demand, improving the supply management. 
  • A-CING expects to increase its revenue with about 15% thanks to this solution.

To learn more about this success story, visit CPSELabs' website.

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