The Blockchains for Social Good initiative awards the next generation of innovators in the area of social good, where Blockchain technologies will offer solutions for the emerging environmental, societal and economic sustainability challenges that Europe will need to face in years to come. Out of the 178 applications submitted from 43 different countries, 24 finalists will discuss their key concepts and ideas with other innovators in front of an engaged audience, giving each candidate the chance to present their social good solutions, business model and interface.

logo of the event: Blockchains for Social Good: Finalists’ Day

This interactive event will bring together cryptocurrency innovators, specialists and curious minds from all over the world, in order to learn how Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) might positively affect our society in various application areas, such as energy, fair trade and healthcare, among others.

The five winners will receive a prize of €1 million each, aiming to motivate the development of decentralised social innovations for the benefit of European society.

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