Despite the existence of many reports setting out the state of big data developments, there remains no single, internationally recognised definition of ‘big data’ and no ‘operational’ definition that can be employed when seeking to understand/compare market/related developments.

Information on the state of big data development in the UK is limited and commonly based upon findings from global studies, which, in turn, tend to be biased towards the experiences of extremely large (often US-based) employers.

What is clear from these studies, however, is that the volume, variety and velocity of data is increasing rapidly and with it the recognition that competitive advantage and new business opportunities may be achieved through the successful development of capability in the field of big data analytics.

When initiating any new business venture or activity, there will be an intrinsic need to attract/develop an associated skills base, and respondents to many studies have voiced concern over the availability of big data skills within the existing labour pool both at a global and UK level.

This report seeks to aid those undertaking/supporting big data projects in the UK by providing a detailed analysis of current/projected demand for big data skills based on a) an analysis of recruitment advertising data and b) bespoke forecasts of IT&T employment and big data demand for the coming five years.

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