The project Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT (BIC) develops research and program level relations across EU and the target countries (Brazil, India and South Africa) and also identifies priority technology/policy areas of common interest. These objectives have been successfully accomplished with establishment of BIC’s dedicated thematic working groups at the national and EU levels, cooperation priority formulations and BIC’s International Advisory Group.

“These achievements clearly address the long term strategy of BIC as it is pretty clear these structures can continue long after the conclusion of BIC. It shows the strong commitment of the research communities and governments of the BIC countries and their desire to cooperate with EU researchers also in relation to the upcoming Horizon 2020 programme.” (Jim Clarke of Waterford IT, BIC coordinator)

BIC furthermore advocates a dedicated strategy of fostering long-term international cooperation in Trustworthy ICT. Driven by the very strong interest from the international community, BIC proposed the strategy of forming in-country working groups (EWG’s: Extended Working Group’s) that will continue after the BIC project concludes in Dec 2013. The main purpose is to maintain the current momentum of this group of researchers, which are supported by their governments, in order to strongly promote the vital research topics of mutual benefit for future international research collaboration.


As tangible expression of interest by the target countries, the idea of long-term cooperation has garnered strong interest. It has already led to the launch of the BIC’s 1st EWG in India in May 2013 supported by India’s main government research agencies as well as influential policy and research planners. (For details on this launch meeting and a subsequent follow up workshop held in October 2013, please see: and


BIC is now happy to report that Brazil launched their EWG on 21-22nd October 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil, attended by many trustworthy ICT researchers from all over the country and government representatives. (For details please see

South Africa

The EWG South Africa concept was launched by Professor Marijke Coetzee of the University of Johannesburg at the Information Security South Africa conference (ISSA 2013), held during 14-16th August 2013 in Johannesburg, during which eight senior researchers have joined.

As agreed at the BIC IAG Annual Forum in November 2013, the membership of the EWG of South Africa would be expanded to include cyber security and trustworthy ICT researchers and government members from across all Africa, and a dedicated session was held on this during 2-3rd December, 2013 at the EUAfrica-ICT P8 Forum at the African Union Headquarters in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. (For details, please see

The final Annual meeting of BIC was held during ICT 2013 in Vilnius on 7th November 2013. More information on this event can be found at

For details, please see: