The winners of the 2009 European eGovernment Awards have been announced today at the eGovernment Ministerial Conference in Malmö (Sweden). The awarded projects were selected for their innovative contribution to increasing the efficiency of public services through the use of digital technologies. In their respective categories the winners are: the European Order for Payment Application (Austria and Germany), Genvej (Denmark), the Italian Public Administration eMarketplace (Italy) and Licensing of Hunters via the “Multibanco” ATM Network (Portugal).

Commenting on the announcement, Mechthild Rohen, Head of the ICT for Government and Public Services Unit at the European Commission, said: ”These Awards are a tangible result of the excellent work done by local, regional and national administrations in Europe to facilitate the life of citizens and businesses through better and easier-to-use online public services. The European Commission has been supporting the eGovernment Awards since 2003. This year's edition is particularly important in light of the new commitment set out by the EU ministers in the eGovernment Ministerial Declaration announced today in Malmö, to make online public services more accessible and in line with users' needs."

The awarded projects have been selected among 52 finalists from 17 European countries. They have been recognised for their efforts to deploy innovative online public services in their respective countries and cross-borderly.


Category 1: eGovernment supporting the Single Market

The European Order for Payment Application - EU-OPA (Austria and Germany)

EU-OPA is an IT application for the electronic processing of the European order payment procedure. It simplifies, speeds up and reduces the costs of litigation in cross-border cases concerning uncontested pecuniary claims. It has proven its value in Germany and Austria by cutting processing times in courts.

EU-OPA website

Category 2a: eGovernment empowering Citizens

Genvej (Denmark)

Genvej provides self-service access to all relevant public sector information and services. It has been developed by the Gentofte Kommune municipality (near Copenhagen) and has been integrated with a number of regional, national and private partners. Genvej directs users to data and online services such as passport applications, school enrolment or healtcare related services.

Genvej website

Category 2b: eGovernment empowering Businesses

The Italian Public Administration eMarketplace - MEPA (Italy)

MEPA is an eProcurement solution in which any Italian public administration can buy goods and services purchased according to EU procurement rules. Public buyers may search for, compare and purchase the products. Suppliers, mostly SMEs, can optimise their selling strategy by specifying new price conditions or new products in real time.

MEPA website

Category 3: eGovernment enabling administrative efficiency and effectiveness

Licensing of Hunters via the “Multibanco” ATM Network – AFN/MB (Portugal)

The National Forest authority of Portugal offers easy and convenient access to hunting licenses via an electronic interbank networks of ATMs. Hunters can purchase their licenses using their hunter cards and taxpayer identification numbers. The service is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the country.


The selection was made by a jury of independent experts coming from all over Europe and presenting a variety of backgrounds, to ensure the broadest possible coverage in terms of specific knowledge. Key selection criteria to assess the projects were: the level of innovation; the impact and relevance in relation to the objectives of the Awards (increasing mobility and improving access to public services for businesses and citizens in the EU, making public services and administrative processes simpler and more efficient); the potential for good-practice sharing; the management and communication approach outlined.

In addition, an eGovernment prize has also been given by the public through an online voting process open to the members of the ePractice community (

2009’s public prize

SMS Information System – SMS INFO (Turkey)

SMS INFO offers a subscription service for lawyers and citizens enabling them to get information on ongoing cases, dates of court hearings, as well as lawsuits or claims against them by SMS. This service does not replace official notification but allows all parties to receive information instantly so that they can take all necessary steps to prevent infringement and deprivation of their legal rights.

SMS INFO website

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The European eGovernment Awards is an initiative of the European Commission organised every two years, and coinciding with high-level EU eGovernment conferences. Launched in 2003, the Awards aim at supporting the implementation of European eGovernment policy and strategies through the promotion of the best ICT-based solutions for public services and the facilitation of good practice exchange.

The 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference, which takes place on 19-20 November in Malmö, has been jointly organised by the European Commission and the Swedish Presidency of the EU. At the Conference EU Ministers have committed to develop by 2015 smarter and personalised online public services for citizens and businesses. Their joint vision and policy priorities on how this should be delivered are outlined in the Ministerial Declaration announced today.

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