The objective of this study is to measure the use of ICT by primary care physicians in the EU-27, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey; through the organisation of a survey to collect the necessary data and indicators to describe the main relevant dimensions of the phenomena: use of internet and other ICT based applications by primary care physicians, for their work, including communication with patients and the electronic exchange of information with primary and secondary care and other health actors, with nurses, carers, insurance and pharmacies. The results of that study will be used as a key baseline for the second eHealth action plan (eHAP) 2012-2020. They will be also an input for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA). The role of general practitioners is very important for the diffusion of relevant innovation into health care systems. The study is also expected to identify the main differences between European countries so to allow an evidence based dialogue and an effective coordination between national policy efforts and the common European initiatives. The results will provide a substantial input to the 2013 Digital Agenda Scoreboard.

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