Practice quick thinking and train your precision skills by guiding bees and fish towards their goal, with this mobile videogame conceived as dissemination tool by the ASSISIbf project. Use robots to change the surroundings and control the animals - but don't expect them to obey easily.

The ASSISIbf project studies interactions between animals (bees and fish) and robots, with the final aim to establish a robotic society that is able to develop communication channels to animal societies on its own. 

Developed by one of the partners of the project (University of Lisbon), the BeeFish game was based on the fish and the bees swarms behavior and it is featuring fish, bees and robots - just like experiments carried out with real animals by the project. The game was created to help drag more attention to the project's results among students and to disseminate the concept of the research across Europe. The game is now available on Google Play Store.