The Support Facility for the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) Network offers support and training for BCOs through an annual programme of knowledge exchange and capacity building activities. The Annual Work Plan Summary gives an outline of the 2018 objectives and the activities planned to support BCOs in servicing their stakeholders, contributing to achieving the Digital Single Market connectivity targets.

Map of Europe over colourful background with European Commission logo. Title over background reads: BCO Network Support Facility 2018 - Annual Work Plan Summary

In 2018, the BCO Network Support Facility will work to build the capacity of the Network through:

  • Training sessions and thematic groups on technical areas
  • Videos on good practices in broadband roll-out projects
  • Quarterly overviews and a guide to EU funding for broadband
  • Outreach activities to engage the Network’s stakeholders
  • Guidance on good practices in BCO services

The training sessions and thematic groups will focus on:

A particular focus in 2018 will be in supporting rural and remote areas, as well as regions that are lagging behind. Key to this will be the BCO Network and Support Facility’s support of the European Commission’s Action Plan for Rural Broadband.

Read more about the 2018 programme of the BCO Network Support Facility in the 2018 Annual Work Plan Summary.

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