The European Commission launched the Digitising European Industry initiative (DEI) on 19 April 2016. You can find here a comprehensive list of the preparatory work and documents which preceded this first industry-related initiative of the Digital Single Market strategy. You will also find latest reports and information from relevant meetings and working groups with industry representatives and stakeholders.

Latest events

Digital Day in Rome, March 2017

European Stakeholder Forum -31 January-1 February 2017 , Essen, Germany

Preparatory workshop for DEI high-level meeting, 27 June 2017, Brussels

    High-level governance meetings

    As part of the DEI initiative, high-level governance meetings of the European platform of national initiatives are held twice per year. They offer a forum for representatives of the national governments and initiatives to meet with European Public Private Partnerships, European federations of business and social associations to take stock of progress made and identify areas of actions where the EU can add value.

    The latest high-level meeting of this kind was chaired by Commissioner Gabriel on 21 November 2017. Before this, roundtables were held the previous Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, G.H. Oettinger, on 18 September 2015, 30 June 2015, and February 2016.

    Relevant reports and documents for the implementation of the DEI initiative

    Preparatory work and documents which preceded the launch of the DEI initiative