The EASEL project has built a robot that is capable to act in symbiosis with a person, understanding his emotional state, the social context that might affect his behaviour and remembering what happened in past encounters.

Cartoon showing a human and a robot

The EASEL project explores and develops the capacity of robots and persons to mutually influence each other, and alter each other’s behaviours over different time-scales. Such symbiosis enables for instance robots to support teachers, replace them in the classroom for certain tasks and provide individualised teaching tailored to each learner's needs.  

The autonomous robot developed by EASEL has been already tested in six primary schools in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The objective is now to broaden the scope of the experiments, currently limited to specific tasks with specific age groups. 


EASEL is part of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme and falls within the scope of the EU Robotics policy

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More information on this project is available on CORDIS :