How can bees and fish cooperate with robots to solve difficult network problems? In September 2018. The a EU-funded FET project ASSISIbf will present its results so far at Ars Electronica, a festival bringing together art, technology and society, in Linz, Austria. The project's unconventional goal is to identify clues to solving difficult network problems by developing a new bio-hybrid system based on symbiosis among honeybees, zebrafish and robot swarms.

Networks are ever-presen, from traffic and logistics to social networks and the "Internet of Things". Identifying the ideal way to design such networks is a difficult task, even more so as networks become more and more complex, large and connected.

The ASSISIbf project adopted a very original approach towards such network optimisation: analysis of bio-hybrid "computational symbioses". To explain, the team uses swarms of honeybees and fish in association with autonomous robot swarms to search for optimal network configurations. ASSISIbf ultimately hopes to solve global scale network problems in less time than today's computer algorithms.Their ideas will be presented at the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL in Linz, Austria, September 6-10 2018.

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