Thanks to the CIP (ICT-PSP) project PARTERRE, a discreet and free of charge self-assessment tool is now available!

Having answered to a few questions, you will get structured advice on the potential and value of eParticipation tools for your territory/organisation.

The questionnaire is anonymous and you will be the only one to know about its results. At the end of the session, a printable summary will be created for your eyes only.

Answering all of the questions won’t take you more than 20 minutes.

The PARTERRE project demonstrated and validated the business potential of novel e-participatory methods and tools for spatial and strategic planning at the European level, by leveraging on two fully blown ICT solutions: the Electronic Town Meeting – a deliberative democracy methodology and toolset combining the direct integration of small-groups discussion with the advantages of electronic communication, and the DEMOS-Plan – a solution for the management of participatory spatial planning.

Deployment has led to a number of interesting implications for the European public authorities, such as:

  • building up of a cost effective ICT platform that enables regular or occasional consultation of remotely and sparsely located citizens and stakeholders;
  • gradually migrating the whole administrative system related to spatial data infrastructure towards a full digitalisation of the “legally compulsory” exchanges between planning agencies, local stakeholders and the general public; and
  • setting the stage for these two facilities to become practically interoperable to each other and across different EU Member States.