ARCHIVER (Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments), an EU-funded project, will introduce radical improvements in the area of archiving and digital preservation services, supporting the IT requirements of European scientists and providing end-to-end archival and preservation services for data generated in the context of scientific research projects. The Open Market Consultation events will be moderated by a partner of the ARCHIVER consortium using a planning poker technique.


The project, managed by a consortium of procurer research organisations (CERN, DESY, EMBL-EBI and PIC) and experts (Addestino and Trust-IT) will use a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) approach to competitively procure R&D services from firms in three stages covering design, prototyping and pilot, over the next 3 years (Jan 2019 - Dec 2021).
The resulting services will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative funded by the EU (
As announced in the Official Journal of the EU, an Open Market Consultation (OMC) will be organised before the publication of the Request for Tender in October 2019 and will encompass various events spread over 3 months between April and June 2019.  The events targeted to companies and open to end-users are scheduled as follows:
OMC Kick-off event, 08 April 2019 at CERN, Geneva
OMC Thematic event, 07 May 2019 in Barcelona
OMC Thematic event, 23 May 2019 in London (Stansted Airport)
OMC Consolidation event, 05 June 2019 at CERN, Geneva.
These events will be moderated by Addestino, a partner of the ARCHIVER consortium, using a planning poker technique in order to estimate effort, value and risk.  
Registration for these events is open on the ARCHIVER website:
In addition, information webinars and presentations for end-users and relevant stakeholders will be organised throughout the OMC process. Information will shortly be made available on the project website
Firms interested in participating in the in the OMC Kick-off event on 8 April 2019 should register as soon as possible at

More Information

Project website: Archiver
LinkedIn release: Archiver Announcement