The Annual Conference of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform will bring together technology developers, city representatives, high-level financial managers and EU-level policy makers from across the European Union. While reviewing achievements since the creation of Platform two years ago, conference delegates will look at the next steps for mass application of promising ICT innovations in sectors such as urban mobility, housing and power distribution. The event will run two days. The first day, June 5, will follow a workshop format and allow participants to get acquainted with and vote for the best technological innovations identified by platform members. This informal half-day session lays the groundwork for the next day’s plenary session, which will include the participation of high-level conference delegates. For the first time, the conference presents results of the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. It gathers top experts and representatives of the most innovative Smart City solutions in Europe. REGISTRATION AND ATTENDANCE ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

European Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform