The share of agriculture-related products in total export value of EU countries in 2009 was 11%. The food and drink industry is representing 13% of EU manufacturing sector turnover

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The importance of the agricultural and food sectors on society cannot be overstated. Within these sectors, the SmartAgriFood project elaborated requirements that need to be fulfilled by a Future Internet to drastically improve the production and delivery of safe & healthy food. SmartAgriFood aims for better food produced with less impact on the environment through better operations based on improved flow of information, and greater knowledge and awareness about where our food comes from. The project was funded as a use case project in the scope of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP).
SmartAgriFood focused on three sub systems of the agri-food sector:
  • smart farming, focussing on farm management, sensors and traceability;
  • smart agri-logistics, focusing on real-time virtualisation, connectivity and logistics intelligence;
  • smart food awareness, focussing on transparency of data and knowledge representation.
The project results confirm both the needs for a Future Internet in the agri-food domain as well as the interest and motivation of the diverse actors involved. Already at the moment, there is a larger interest of organisations beyond the current partnership. Various external agri-food actors were already involved in the project to validate the first findings.
Nevertheless, a prerequisite to create momentum and convince the agri-food domain of the Future Internet potential is to further develop convincing solutions and have a more practical access to the innovative results. Therefore, SmartAgriFood worked on the development of key features that are beneficial to the various target audiences in farming, agri-food logistics and for food awareness. The results were also further validated using simulations and experimental systems.
A summary of the SmartAgriFood results can be found in the final report. The results will be further extended by large scale trials in the FIspace project in FI-PPP phase 2, which started in April 2013.

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Picture by Michael W. May, shared under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0.