National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions from 8 European countries will receive in total more than €900.000 to upgrade their web presence and connect to the European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs.

The picture shows man's hands drawing on a tablet and working on a laptop.

11 National coalitions applied to the CEF-TC-2019-2 Call for proposals under the European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs. The evaluators selected the 8 best proposals that will receive funding in the form of a lump sum.

The awarded National coalitions are from Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. The funding from the Connecting Europe Facility Telecom will range from €79.000 to €171.000 depending on the cost of living in each country. With this contribution, the National coalitions will update or develop a website, interlink it with the Core Service Platform, organise webinars for their members, and create and translate content. The objective is to create a joint platform that will help to bridge the digital skills gap in Europe.

Those National coalitions that did not apply for this call or that were not selected will have a chance to submit a new proposal to the 2nd CEF Telecom call for generic services that should be published in June 2020.

European Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

Equipping people with the relevant digital skills will be a key task for Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs will become a one-stop-shop for anyone who is looking for data, information, partners or resources in the field of digital skill and jobs.

The Platform will make training and funding opportunities more accessible, it will stimulate collaboration and sharing of good practices across fields and borders, and it will display information about relevant European and national initiatives. It will offer services to a wide audience including the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Together with the websites managed by the National coalitions, the Platform will become a key digital service infrastructure for boosting digital skills in Europe.

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