The R+D+I ICT Health and Social Conference aims to enhance the visibility of the key agents in the sector of ICT applied to the field of Health and Social Welfare and to establish a platform for transfer of knowledge.

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The Conference

The R+D+I ICT Health and Social Conference will show how the application of the sensory, both in home environments and the city itself, can improve health and predict adverse social conditions. The sensory is a key technological element which can improve the quality of life of people, especially in the fields of health and social. Its application and the introduction of unassisted data can be much advanced and predict different situations that are susceptible to anticipation and improvement.


8.30 Opening and accreditation.

9.00 Opening of the Conference.

9.30 Presentation: Ethical and social concepts

10.00 Round Table 1. Sensory at home, facts and challenges.

11.30 Breakfast and Networking.

12.45 Round Table 2. Sensory, cities and environment.

14.00 Closing of the Day

Registration is open until 22 September 2017.

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UVic-UCC (Càtedra TIC Salut i Càtedra Serveis Socials), Fundació TicSalut, Consorci Hospitalari de Vic, Institut Català de la Salut, Fundació Hospital de la Santa Creu de Vic, EBA Vic, EBA Centelles, Creacció. ECHAlliance
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