• Deep inside the brain
      Video20 May 2013

      The brain controls our thinking, feelings and movements and a new exhibition in southern France aims to reveal some of its secrets.

    • BrainAble 2012 - Second year of the project
      Video30 April 2013

      The European R&D project BrainAble aims at improving personal independence and social constraints of people with physical disabilities, raising the possibility of interacting with their environment through the design of Human-Computer interfaces formed by sensors that measure the physical and emotional state (emphasizing the use of Brain-Computer interfaces (BCI)) of a person, combined with virtual environments and the connection of these interfaces with smart homes and social networks. The final objective is to improve social inclusion and the quality of life of persons with disabilities exceeding two barriers: the interaction of the person with your social and physical environment.

    • Interviews with top people in Brain-Computer Interface research
      Video6 January 2012

      The Future BNCI project (http://future-bnci.org) interviewed many people at BCI conferences and other events in Utrecht, Barcelona, Graz, and elsewhere. All of the interviewees are well-known figures in BCI research and development, and many of them are top figures in the field.