• EU support for Smart Villages
      Evening scene of a town with people crossing a bridge. Title text overlay reads: "EU support for Smart Villages". Vertical banner to the left reads: "BCO Network".
      Video8 April 2019

      The Smart Villages concept is about improving economic performance and quality of life in rural areas, potentially via digital and other technologies. Smart village inhabitants gain access to knowledge, markets, social and cultural services, technologies and infrastructure that are usually only accessible to urban residents. In this video, Mario Milouchev, Director of rural development programmes 1 and pre-accession assistance in the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, explains the opportunities for rural areas, and highlights key EU projects connected to Smart Villages.

    • Connectivity is essential for precision farming
      Detailed view of green wheat. Title text overlay reads: "Connectivity is essential for precision farming". Vertical banner to the left reads: "BCO Network".
      Video23 January 2019

      Precision farming and digital solutions are transforming European agriculture, making it both more competitive and more sustainable. The technology itself and farmers’ interaction with it, however, rely on seamless mobile connectivity – a challenge in many rural areas. In these video interviews, Ulrich Adam, then Secretary General of the European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA), and Maximillian von Löbbecke, CEO of 365FarmNet – a digital farm management platform – explain the versatility, value and impact of precision farming – and how broadband roll-out must meet the growing demand.

    • European space strategy calling for boost in innovation procurement
      News article24 January 2017

      In the recently adopted Space Strategy for Europe the European Commission announces that it will strengthen the use of innovation procurement schemes to stimulate the demand-side of innovation.