• My advice to young women
      Speech8 March 2013

      Women on Top seminar, Amsterdam, 8 March 2013

    • Neelie Kroes Startup Europe Tour
      News article6 March 2013

      In order to promote the European entrepreneurs and startups community, Neelie Kroes is inviting aspiring or promising entrepreneurs to join The Startup Europe Tour: be connected, network, be inspired at the leading tech conferences. We want thought leaders and innovative entrepreneurs from many of the world's top technology companies to get together and share ideas, visions, dreams…

    • The digital economy delivers jobs: FACT
      Speech4 March 2013

      We agree that unemployment in Europe is unacceptably high and at the same time unfilled vacancies in ICT are growing. We also acknowledge that our competitiveness as a region is under threat if we're short of digitally skilled people. We cannot go on this way.

    • BUILDCONNECTGROW.eu - Webzine issue n.4
      News article25 February 2013

      Cross-border Digital Public Services: what's in it for citizens? For Industry? For Member States? Articles, interviews, video and info graphics to learn more about our Large Scale Pilot Projects: e-CODEX, SPOCS, STORK 2.0, epSOS, PEPPOL, the forthcoming eSENS, and the Connecting Europe Facility initiative...

    • Mr. Clikker gains IT skills
      Video31 January 2013

      Reading and writing were essential in yesterday's labour market: Today we need also to add digital literacy. Demand for highly skilled ICT workers is growing at 3% per year... This is what Mr. Clikker understood in this chapter. But it is not enough with understanding... you also need to get trained!

    • European Social Innovation Competition
      News article12 November 2012 to 21 December 2012

      This Competition is launched by the European Commission in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos. The aim is to find the best social innovation solutions to help people move towards work or into new types of work. Over 25 million Europeans are out of work. On top of that, many people are stuck in low-paid jobs or sense that they have few opportunities on the job market – sometimes because of their gender, age or a handicap. This Competition invites any European to come up with new solutions to create new opportunities for work, and for better work. Not doing anything about unemployment and under-employment is not just cruel and wasteful; the corrosive effects of high unemployment will cast a shadow over the economy and our society for years to come. The Competition, launched on 1 October 2012 with as deadline 21 December 2012, includes a strong mentoring component for shortlisted entries. Eventually the three best proposals (indicative maximum) will each be awarded with a prize of 20,000 euros in May 2013. A second prize competition will be launched in 2014.

    • 2012 Survey on eIdentification (SSEDIC)
      News article8 November 2012

      Each of us uses an eID on daily basis, e.g. when signing in to an email account, Facebook profile, Internet banking, or to access services of public authorities. For such online transactions, we need to identify and authenticate ourselves. Currently, various types of hardware and software are used for this purpose, with varying levels of security. More than ever before, this confronts us with questions about privacy protection when sending personal information over the Internet. All these issues are the subject of this survey for which your attention and collaboration is required. This survey is organized by SSEDIC, a EU-supported research group that advises the European Commission in defining its policy on Electronic Identity for the coming years. A summary of the results will be made public via our website: www.eid-ssedic.eu

    • "Tech All Stars" award for most innovative web start-up company
      Press release22 June 2012

      Cognicor Technologies, a Spanish start-up offering an automated complaint resolution service, is the winner of Europe's "Tech All Stars" prize, an EU-wide competition to find the best web start-up, awarded by European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes. Cognicor will showcase its company at the Digital Agenda Assembly today in Brussels.

    • Supporting web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses
      Video20 June 2012

      Web entrepreneurship is globally emerging as a key building block for economies. Against a backdrop of challenging financial landscapes, increased adoption of technology is providing opportunities to connect and coordinate people and their creativity and catalyse their business activities. We have asked real entrepreneurs to state what are the most pressing problems they encounter in Europe.