Over the coming few years, the European Internet landscape will look very different from the Internet of today. These developments, fuelled by The Internet of Things and M2M communications, will open up more possibilities and help to transform European society and business, and the everyday lives of citizens. Now in its fifth year, this year's IoT Summit will once again provide a high-level meeting point and timely platform for discussion concerning the key policy dimensions and commercial opportunities of the latest IoT technologies and innovations in Europe. The event brings together leading industry stakeholders, including large telcos, hardware manufacturers, software developers, cloud providers, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates and the key decision makers to explore the current IoT ecosystem in Europe, and addresses the impact that the Internet of Things will have on European society. It will also stimulate a dialogue about a trusted IoT. Taking place the week following Mobile World Congress, the event will be the first opportunity to discuss some of the key IoT developments and new trends and technologies announced in Barcelona. The event will also address the new initiatives and building blocks that are available to support IoT innovation in Europe, together by discussing what work is being done to educate citizens and increase people’s awareness of the IoT’s potential.

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