The meeting will provide an overview of the latest findings of the project and will showcase demos of the STORK 2.0 pilots (eLearning and Academic Qualifications, eBanking, Public Services for Business and eHealth), activated soon.

These four real-life pilots enable to rigorously test the common infrastructure of STORK 2.0 in real-life situations. We have the opportunity to make improvements that will ultimately deliver value to the lives of EU citizens, organisations and governments, through the provision of secure and convenient online services that can be easily accessed across borders.

Mr Herbert Leitold, who has been working on both the pilots of STORK and STORK 2.0, and Mr Arvid Welin will both present the pilots and their latest status providing an industry perspective.

Then, the Industry Special Advisor Mr Kjell Hansteen will present on how STORK 2.0 eID services support the eIDAS regulation, whose final text should be approved before the Industry Meeting.

From an external point of view, Mr Hansteen will tackle your concerns on the consequences of this regulation and will try to help Service Providers to cope with this soon mandatory challenge.

Moreover, Mr. Jérôme Brugger will show how industry players can benefit from STORK 2.0 after the project reaches its end and Mr. Andrea Servida, Head of Task Force "Legislation Team (eIDAS)" at European Commission (DG CONNECT), will present EC plans for future engagement with the Industry.

Finally, Mr Frank Leyman will moderate an open discussion during whichthe audience can share their concerns, ideas and opinions.