MEDIA has spent the last 25 years supporting European cinema and selecting the most promising works, with much success in international festivals such as Cannes Film Festival. 42 films supported by the MEDIA programme have been awarded top prizes since 1991 at the Cannes Film Festival.

On the occasion of the 25 years of the MEDIA programme, the European Union celebrates the best of European cinema.

From Jacques Rivette's La belle noiseuse in 1991 to Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake in 2016, 42 films co-financed by MEDIA have been awarded the Cannes Film Festival's top prizes: the Palme d'Or, the Grand Prix and the Prix de la mise en scène/Best Director.

These critically-acclaimed works have benefitted from MEDIA support at their development stage and, most frequently, for their distribution across Europe. They reflect the diversity of the European audiovisual production, as they originate from 21 European countries, and 31 of them are coproductions. For some of these successes (The Best Intentions, Dancer in the Dark, Ulysses' Gaze), over 8 countries took part in the production, pooling professionals and skills from all over the continent together.

Altogether, these films received over €20 million in financial support.

This year in Cannes, over €1.5 million were invested in 23 films, with Cristian Mungiu's Bacalaureat and Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake scooping the main awards