The annual celebration of coding, computational thinking, creativity and innovative mindset is moving online. EU Code Week introduces virtual events to help teachers, parents, librarians and others to organise activities despite the pandemic. They can now register online activities as part of the Code Week. Physical events can still be registered as well, as long as they are allowed.

A picture showing the Code Week Logo and the dates on Code Week Edition between October 10 and 25

Everyone is welcome to register activities provided they are free of charge and available to everyone. EU Code Week is introducing virtual events to help teachers and other organise activities despite the pandemic. Teachers, parents, librarians and other activity organisers can now register online activities as part of the Code Week. However, they are still be able to register physical events as long as these are allowed. Everyone is welcome to register activities provided they are free of charge and available to everyone.

Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market said:

Digital skills, including coding and computational thinking, will play a crucial role in Europe’s recovery from the pandemic. Teachers, students, doctors, researchers but also entrepreneurs or employees in small companies – all Europeans will need to master digital technologies. The EU Code Week provides them with the right tools and skills to seize the opportunities brought by digitization.

To kick off this year’s edition, EU Code Week will present a calendar of featured free online events co-hosted by the Ambassadors, Leading teachers, education ministries and partner organisations.

The main online launch event will take place on 8 October with renowned guest speakers, from universities and tech companies such as Mitch Resnick, Lego Papert Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, all taking part.

To learn more about the 2020 EU Code Week, visit

Supporting teachers to raise a tech-savvy generation

To set the stage for the official Code Week, EU Code Week will be launching a renewed massive open online course on 16 September. The course will present innovative tools and approaches to teach or learn coding and provide a deeper understanding of the Code Week movement and its resources. The course targets mainly teachers, educators and librarians but is available to the public. To register visit

The Code Week website offers additional free resources for teachers and students – from unplugged activities for primary school children to more advanced learning materials like lessons on app development. For teachers, EU Code Week offer biweekly webinars, introducing new education tools, coding activities and resources. The webinars are also available in the form of blogposts or recordings on YouTube.

About EU Code Week

EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, inspire people and show young, adults and elderly how to bring ideas to life with code. Code Week aims to demystify digital skills and computational thinking and bring motivated people together to learn how to create with code. In 2019, 4.2 million people in over 80 countries around the world took part in EU Code Week.

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