The Telecoms chapters of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) provide a snapshot of the electronic communications markets in each Member State, from an investment, regulatory and market perspective. They combine the quantitative evidence from Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) with country-specific regulatory developments, track the development of the telecoms markets of each Member State and provide an important feedback loop.

Based on the main connectivity indicators of the Digital Economy and Society Index report, such as network coverage, broadband take-up and prices, they report on the progress made by Member States towards a gigabit society, including the transition to 5G networks, and on main market and regulatory developments, including spectrum assignment and regulated access. Far from being exhaustive, they cover most areas of market and end-user interest, i.e. consumer protection, net neutrality, roaming, emergency communications and universal service.

You can review the findings of the Telecoms chapters for 2019 as a part of DESI for each country in the areas of connectivity, human capital, internet use, integration of digital technologies, and digital public services.

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