The 33rd European Film Awards celebrate and reward the greatest achievements in European cinema. This year they will be held virtually during 5 nights starting on 8 December and closing with the gala ceremony on 12 December. The nominees have been announced and among them there are 18 films (accounting for a total of 30 nominations among the main categories) that received EU funding through the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

Visual with stills of the MEDIA-supported films nominated for the EFA

Another Round – Druk, Martin Eden and Corpus Christi top the nominations of the European Film Awards (EFA) with four nominations each, including main categories such as European Film and European Director.

The nominations received by the MEDIA-supported features include:

European Film

  • Another Round - Druk by Thomas Vinterberg, a co-production with Denmark, The Netherlands and Sweden supported by MEDIA in development and distribution.
  • Berlin Alexanderplatz by Burhan Qurbani, a German-Dutch film that received MEDIA funding for its distribution.
  • Corpus Christi, a Polish-French co-production by Jan Komasa that was supported by MEDIA in distribution.
  • Martin Eden by Pietro Marcello, a French-Italian co-production supported by MEDIA for distribution.
  • The Painted Bird by Václav Marhoul, a Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine film supported for its development.
  • Undine by Christian Petzold, a French-German title that received MEDIA funding for its distribution.

European Comedy

  • The Big Hit by Emmanuel Courcol is a French comedy that received MEDIA funding under development.

European Documentary

  • Acasa, my home by Radu Ciorniciuc is a documentary involving Romania, Germany and Finland that was funded under development,.
  • Gunda by Victor Kossakovsky, a co-production with Norway and the US that received MEDIA support for development.

European Animated Feature Film

  • Calamity by Rémy Chayéa, a French-Danish animation supported by MEDIA for its development.

European Director

  • Thomas Vinterberg for Another Round – Druk
  • Agnieszka Holland for Charlatan
  • Jan Komasa for Corpus Christi
  • Maria Sodahl for Hope
  • Pietro Marcello for Martin Eden
  • François Ozon for Summer of 85

European Actress

  • Ane Dahl Torp for Charter
  • Andrea Braein Hovig for Hope
  • Marta Nieto for Mother
  • Paula Beer for Undine

European Actor

  • Mads Mikkelsen for Another Round – Druk
  • Bartosz Bielenia for Corpus Christi
  • Viggo Mortensen for Falling
  • Goran Bogdan for Father
  • Luca Marinelli for Martin Eden

European Screenwritter

  • Costa-Gavras for Adults in the room
  • Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm for Another Round – Druk
  • Martin Behnke and Burhan Qurbani for Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Mateusz Pacewicz for Corpus Christi
  • Pietro Marcelo and Maurizio Braucci for Martin Eden


Overall, the EU has invested over €3 million through the Creative Europe MEDIA programme to support the development and distribution of these 18 films.

Find out more about the nominated films on the European Film Awards website.

About the European Film Awards

Founded in 1988, the European Film Academy now unites more than 3,500 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting Europe’s film culture.

The European Film Awards, presented jointly by the European Film Academy and EFA Productions, honour the greatest achievements (split in a total of 23 categories) in European cinema. The awards ceremony takes place in Berlin every second year.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus crisis, the 33rd European Film Awards will take place as a series of virtual events produced from the European Film Academy’s seat Berlin without an audience in the room. Every evening will see a livestream of “The EFAs at Eight”, celebrating the nominees and winners of the various categories of the 2020 European Film Awards.

The European Film Academy is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA via the market access scheme, and in 2020 it got €232.676 of EU funds for the European Film Awards.