Following the nomination of the chair and of the academic members, and after the publication in September of a dedicated call for selecting industrial members, the Commission Expert Group chaired by Prof. J. Mlynek is now complete with the addition of 12 representatives from key industries and companies.

The Commission Expert Group on Quantum Technologies - High Level Steering Committee (see Commissioner Oettinger's blogpost announcing it) has been established in August as a high level expert group with a mandate of one year. Its members best represent collectively the diversity of stakeholders in Europe, both from the academic as from the industrial sides.

The group will work in an open and transparent way and together with the wider community of stakeholders from academia and industry and in close collaboration with Member States. It will propose a Strategic Research Agenda with clear and ambitious goals, as well as an efficient approach to its implementation and governance. For this, the group has initiated an online consultation (contributions by 25 October) on the QUTE consensus paper and scientific roadmap, in order to collect the community consensus.

42 applications have been received to the call for selecting industrial members. The selection has been done according to the criteria set out in the call, and 12 industrial members have been nominated:

Industry/company Representative
Airbus Defense & Space Mr. Paolo Bianco
ASML Dr. Markus Matthes
Atos SE Dr. Cyril Allouche
Ericsson Dr. Fabio Cavaliere
ID Quantique SA Dr. Grégoire Ribordy
KPN Ms. Jaya Baloo
M-Squared Lasers Dr. Malcolm Graeme
Robert Bosch GmbH Dr. Michael Bolle
Siemens AG Dr. Norbert Lütke-Entrup
ST Microelectronics  Dr. Guido Chiaretti
Thales  Mr. Daniel Dolfi
VLC Photonics S.L.    Dr. Iñigo Artundo Martinez

After a first meeting on 20 September, the group has scheduled its 2nd meeting on 10 November 2016. A third meeting is tentatively planned on 16-17 February 2017, in Malta, coinciding with a Presidency event.

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