The 116 117 non-emergency medical on-call service directs callers to medical assistance when the need is urgent but not life-threatening (in cases of emergency, you should call 112). The number aims to connect the caller to a skilled call-handler or a qualified medical practitioner who could provide on-call medical assistance or advice.This is especially useful outside normal office hours, during the weekend or public holidays. A free Europe-wide number for non-emergency medical on-call service helplines is seen in much the same light as a number for emotional support helplines, with support for these services strong across the European Union, but not quite as strong as for the first three services. Almost half of the respondents (49%) say this kind of helpline is very useful, while 31% of people say it is fairly useful. Only 13% see it as not very useful, with 5% not finding it to be at all useful.

Usefulness of 116117 in EU27