This report proceeds in five chapters. The first proposes an updated central paradigm for trying to envision the digital world, this time of 2030, and summarises what are likely to be key features. The second updates observable trends in the evolution of the technologies and tools driving the digital revolution. The third turns to observable economic trends, and the fourth to political and social trends.

Where will the digital revolution have taken Europe and the rest of the world 15 years from now? Few would deny the futility of trying to accurately predict what the world will look like in 2025 – let alone the “digital” world. With this special report, the European Internet Foundation (EIF) challenges European political leaders and policy-makers to put Europe’s place in the digital world of 2025 at the centre of their preoccupations and priorities today.

The report was officially presented to MEPs on 29 September, 2009.

More on the report here.

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