ICT 2015 provides and creates many networking opportunities for participants. Networking sessions, Face2Face meetings, networking booths and “cosy corners” to sit and meet. The aim is to allow all participants to discuss and debate various ICT subjects in formal or informal ways, but also to find business partners.

What are the networking sessions?

ICT 2015 networking sessions are informal discussion groups organised by stakeholders participating in the ICT 2015 event. Their goal is to enable a broad and multi-disciplinary dialogue, help participants find partners for a collaborative relationship enlarge and enhance stakeholder communities and better connect research to innovation for a Digital Europe.

ICT 2015 participants will have the opportunity to attend any of the around 130 networking sessions of 45 minutes, with themes targeting a clear ICT objective that is relevant to one or several of the challenges or actions of Horizon 2020 and/or the Juncker Commission's new objectives. The sessions will take place in Centro de Congressos de Lisboa in rooms hosting between 15 and 100 seated people.

Why should you attend?

The networking sessions will provide ICT 2015 attendants with the opportunity to:

  • share their own perspectives on a particular policy, research, technological or innovation theme, notably in the context of the opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 and the Juncker Commission's work programme
  • listen to the views, perspectives and ideas of other participants in view of a constructive dialogue
  • meet participants with common or similar topical interests with whom they could develop collaborative relationships in the future

Attend and create new, lasting and productive links with other participants, with concrete and action-oriented implications.

What else?

Beyond informal networking, the event offers a variety of possibilities, such as formal networking sessions, information sessions about Horizon 2020, Face2Face meetings, networking booths, camps, challenges and "cosy corners".

In order to find out the timing, titles and a short description of each of the sessions, please check out the Networking Sessions Programme. A version of the Networking Sessions Programme by topic is also avalaible.

To attend the networking sessions, there is no need for a supplementary registration! Once you are registered for the ICT2015 event, you are welcome to join any of the networking sessions.

ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015