Digital technologies make transport and mobility smarter, safer and greener.

Human error is involved in 95% of all traffic accidents on Europe's roads, in which more than 27 000 people are killed and 1.2 million injured every year. Road transport also burns one quarter of the European Union's overall energy consumption, with one fifth of the EU's CO2 emissions caused by road vehicles. iMobility “smart” technologies, based on the powers of computers and telecoms, can make a major difference to these figures.

For example, the European Commission's eCall system saves lives by having the car automatically dial 112 – Europe's single emergency number – in case of a serious accident, thus dramatically accelerating the arrival of emergency rescue teams. eCall is to be introduced in all new models of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles, and will be supported across the EU as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland by 2018. This and other examples can be found in the Intelligent Car section of this site.

Such innovations require research and regulation, working hand in hand. Hence the iMobility Forum, which brings together stakeholders from different sectors interested in ICT-based systems and services for transport and mobility to recommend frameworks for road and traffic data and standardisation. The Forum was initially established as the eSafety Forum in early 2003 in close co-operation with the mobility companies, industrial associations and public sector stakeholders.

5 February 2015
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15 June 2017
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