Michal Feix
Michal Feix is Deputy General Manager at Seznam.cz



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Michal joined Seznam.cz in 2004. He started his career in Seznam.cz as an IT operator bringing his experience from other online portals and compa­nies. In February 2008 he became member of the board of directors. He is currently responsible for driving Seznam.cz's legal and public affairs departments. In 2016 he has been appointed as Deputy General Manager at Seznam.cz. He is married, has a son, and loves devoting his free time to his family.

Seznam.cz is a Czech company established in 1996 that successfully leads the Czech online market in search, online media, e-commerce & entertainment services. Seznam.cz is the only company in the EU where Google does not have a strong dominance in Internet search. The Czech Republic is the only country in the world with the Latin alphabet leading the online space. The Czechia has its Seznam.cz, South Korea its Naver, Russia its Yandex and China its Baidu.