Mobile Health (mHealth) is a sub-segment of eHealth and covers medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices. It especially includes the use of mobile communication devices for health and well-being services and information purposes as well as mobile health applications.

Mobile Health is a rapidly developing field: over 100,000 mHealth apps are currently available on the market. It has the potential to play a part in the transformation of healthcare and increase its quality and efficiency.

mHealth contributes to the empowerment of patients: they could manage their health more actively, live more independently thanks to self-assessment or remote monitoring solutions. mHealth can also support healthcare professionals in treating patients more efficiently as mobile apps can encourage adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Infographic: What is mHealth


In April 2014, the European Commission launched a public consultation alongside the Green Paper on mobile health (mHealth) to help identify the right way forward to unlock the potential of mobile health in the EU. The consultation, open between 10 April and 3 July 2014, gathered inputs from interested stakeholders on barriers and issues related to the use of mHealth. You can find the results of the consultation here.

Together with the Green Paper, the Commission also published a Staff Working Document on the existing EU legal framework applicable to lifestyle and wellbeing apps, providing legal guidance on EU legislation in the field to app developers, medical device manufacturers, digital distribution platforms, etc.

Current policy initiatives

Read more on current European mHealth initiatives such as the Privacy Code of Conduct and the mHealth assessment guidelines.

Research and Innovation in mHealth

EU funding programmes for research and innovation aim at creating incentives that encourage the development of innovative mHealth solutions. The Commission funded several research and innovation projects related to mHealth, either developing apps or other mobile health tools.

Horizon 2020, the current research and innovation programme, focuses on personalising health and care (PHC), which supports citizens' empowerment through self-management of health and disease, health promotion and disease prevention.

To find out more about eHealth projects with mHealth elements that have been funded, have a look at: