The 2018 European Cyber Security Challenge was won by Team Germany. Here they explain what the challenge entailed and why they are proud to be hackers.

Each year, the European Cybersecurity Challenge brings together teams of young computer security experts from across the EU and beyond to solve a variety of security-related tasks, with the aim of encouraging new ‘cyber talents’.

Supported by ENISA, the EU’s agency for network security, the 2018 challenge brought together young computer security experts from 17 different countries, competing in teams in a series of challenges that highlighted their various IT and other skills. The finals were held in London, UK, and Team Germany emerged victorious.

We caught up with several members of the winning team at the ICT 2018 conference in Vienna in November 2018 to learn a little more about them, the challenge itself and what it meant to come out on top.

The finals of this year’s ECSC will be held in Bucharest, Romania, in October. To find out more about how to take part, visit the challenge’s website.