In recent years, Hungary has seen success stories like Prezi, which now serves as a source of inspiration for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Together with many others startups it has created a blossoming startup scene in Budapest.

One of the keys to realising this potential is the startup ecosystem that offers aspiring entrepreneurs plenty of funding, support and mentoring opportunities to turn their dreams and ideas into reality. A guide to the Hungarian ecosystem of accelerators, startup events, coworking spaces is provided by Venture Village.

Discover the latest generation of tech stars in Hungary, provided by the country’s Digital Champion, István Erényi, through the inspirational success stories below.


  • SmartVineyard has developed complex services for the protection of vineyards, including local real-time microclimate (weather) data, surveillance of grape to detect possible infections, diseases, warning signals and preventive actions.
  • Gazdagmami is an online startup company which offers information for young mothers on how to get or create work opportunities from home. Thanks to the company, several women started successful businesses such as Mamarazza foto which offers online photo courses on how to make professional photos of their kids and Meska which is a marketplace for handmade products.
  • Codie is a robotic toy that aims to teach children coding and how to use computers.
  • Sighter’s ROUTE4U is a wheelchair and stroller route planner. It shows wheelchair accessibility and improves its map data by detecting vibrations and bumps.
  • Now Technologies develops, designs, markets, manufactures and supports a versatile wheelchair control called GyroSet.
  • Liber8 Technology makes beautiful wearable passive displays, which make it possible to e.g. download any picture on a smartphone and use it as a bracelet design on your wrist.
  • Optoforce is a university spin-off from the robotics and bionics lab of the Pazmany Peter University, Budapest, Hungary. The founders are specialised in walking robots and work on the tactile sensing of machines and haptic interaction between people and machines.
  • Brickflow helps users find photos and videos to share. It also recommends blogs to follow – all in order to enhance the user’s social media presence.
  • Sopreso is a tool that makes your presentation interactive. Through Sopreso the audience can raise questions, comment on slides and rate the presentation.
  • DZZOM integrates network pharmacology and medicine solutions into the biopharma value chain in order to provide patients with more effective, preventive and personalised treatments.


  • NNG is a leader in the automotive, wireless and personal navigation industries.
  • ProLan focuses on the development, production, and application of process control systems. The company offers – among others – railway automation, energy management and electrical grid control systems.
  • Prezi is a cloud based presentation system and story-telling tool, which allows users to present ideas on a virtual canvas.
  • Fornax works on complex projects implementing various software and systems (primarily workflow and workforce management systems), integrating third party products, systems and applications, as well as providing consultancy.
  • PocketGuide is the first app that guides users through a city by voice, just like a real tour guide.
  • Distinction is a mobile app design and development team which has worked for high-profile clients including Red Bull or Skyscanner. It improves existing products and creates new ones from scratch, too.
  • BHE develops and manufactures high-performance, competitively priced radio and microwave systems, especially for the defence, aerospace and mobile industries.
  • DigiTerra develops mobile GIS applications with special focus on agriculture and forestry.
  • Geometria is a leading service supplier of geographical information system (GIS) applications in Hungary.
  • Leonar3Do’s technology transforms the 2D, flat view of computers and other devices into a 3D work environment. It provides an easy way to create and visualise virtual 3D objects.
  • Lambda-Com is an expert in the industrial remote data collection market. The company has focused its activities on GPS-based collection of data from moving vehicles.

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