This Mediterranean island may be small but big things in ICT and web are happening in Cyprus, which is showing the real potential of the country as an emerging tech hub.

Cyprus was recently included in a list of 8 emerging global technology hubs, drawn up by the website Transfer Wire.

One of the keys to realising this potential is the vibrant Cypriot startup ecosystem that offers aspiring entrepreneurs plenty of funding, support and mentoring opportunities to turn their dreams and ideas into reality including:

Inspirational success stories

Find out more about Cyprus’s home-grown talent and burgeoning tech ecosystem through these inspirational success stories:

  • Diyful aims to take the hard work out of do-it-yourself by offering DIYers an online platform
  • Discover the award-winning ENGINO 3D construction toys system
  • The Funifi innovative online platform is achieving something we never thought possible – getting kids excited about doing housework!
  • InfoScreen: revolutionising the corporate services industry in Cyprus
  • Teach’nGo is a learning management system, designed for professional education providers.
  • Find out how Covve has turned a simple concept into a useful product with the potential to be an important business facilitator.

Cypriot Digital Champion Stelios Himonas recommends having a look at this startup:

  • Ladybug is an energy monitoring and controlling system for the everyday home owner (or tenant) that allows the user to regulate their energy consumption.

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