The following projects are just some examples of many successful results of the European Union funded research and innovation in the Societal Challenges areas which already are integrated into commercially viable products, start-ups and services. Some of these products or services are already available in the market in 2015, some will be in the near future.

ICT based research and innovation projects addressing societal challenges in the areas listed below, received almost €2bn funding through the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) and Active Assisted Programme. After the completion of the research or innovation phase, some of the projects that have successfully transitioned from the lab to the market are featured below.



    From management of chronic diseases, through surgical treatment to the recovery phase; patients can already benefit from several projects' results.

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  • Epilepsiae

    A brain-computer interface to help you stay in control

  • Contrast

    The human (inter)face of ICT to recover after a stroke

  • Safros

    Safe in robot surgeons' hands

  • Passport

    A virtual liver for real patient safety


    Active and Healthy Ageing

    Silver economy has a huge potential. These are some concrete products to support independent living that already exist and are ready to use, be it in fall detection, robotics or serious gaming.

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  • FATE

    Monitoring devices helping fall detection

  • RGS

    Reaching out brain recovery through serious gaming


    Turning a robot into a companion for frail people

  • Silver

    Enabling technology with a human touch

  • Rempark

    Monitoring devices for Parkinson's Disease patients


    Public Services

    Cross-border business and private life can be much easier when using digital solutions like in the following projects.

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    Take your e-identity with you, everywhere in the EU


    Digital public procurement across the borders


    Cybersecurity and Privacy

    Trusted biometric systems, cryptography, digital privacy: solutions in these fields contribute to security and privacy of online communications.

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  • Tabula Rasa

    Protecting biometric recognition from external attacks

  • CACE

    A toolbox for cryptography software development

  • Abc4trust

    The privacy-ABCs to gain trust in the digital world


    Smart Cities

    Energy efficient buildings, smart mobility, smart public lighting and flood prevention are some examples of how smart cities and communities can be built using the solutions that will benefit the citizens, the city budget and the environment.

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  • Adapt4ee

    Making public and private buildings more energy-efficient

  • Nobel

    Smart energy management for smart cities

  • Green@Hospital

    Making hospitals "healthier" and greener

  • UrbanFlood

    Managing climate change in urban contexts

  • SuperHub

    Tailor made mobility