About the Innovator

Set Mobile has tackled the challenge to provide services of its own conception, ever since its establishment in 2004. A strong R&D team is continually delivering state-of-the-art services capitalizing new technologies. SmarterWater is the solution dedicated to automatic consumption data acquisition, analysis and user involvement into a conscious use of water resources. SmarterWater offers user profiling and consumption forecast, increased consumer engagement on efficient water use and operational cost reduction for water utilities.

What is the Innovation

SmartWater technology resolves real time processing and analysis of big data sets produced by a rising customer base. Based on data coming from water smart meters, the key technological differentiator performs real time learning about user consumption patterns, forecasting and recommending changes for a more efficient use of water.  In doing so, SmarterWater makes use of open source frameworks such as Apache Hadoop (lab validated), Apache Camel (established), JBoss Fuse (validated in relevant environments) and Elastic Search (highly reliable). SET Mobile's work on this innovation is part of the development effort being undertaken all partners in the EU-funded Smarter H20 project.

Out of the lab- Into the Market

Set Mobile is focusing on both qualitative and quantitative approaches to bring the innovation out of the lab. This involves performing testing and validation with water utilities and consumers in order to ensure the degree to which the technology addresses real world needs. As a quantitative approach Set Mobile sees opportunities for diversifying SmartWater technology based products and offering it on the international markets using a SaaS (Software as a Service) direct selling strategy.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

By participating in framework programme, Set Mobile was able to learn and implement new business, technological and marketing processes. It has definitely improved Set Mobile’s capacity to develop new services and applications as well as reaching out to a broader European market. We are glad to share our positive experience with other SMEs as well as reusing it in future R&D European projects.