About the Innovator

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is the largest Dutch scientific research centre for rehabilitation technology and telemedicine. RRD has a formal partnership with the University of Twente for researching, developing, evaluating and implementing ICT-supported health services. RRD develops its innovations via multidisciplinary, often international, collaborations. RRD aims to transfer their academic insights into clinical practice, and economic activity.

What is the innovation

RRD developed an online, multidimensional screening tool to self-assess general health status, physical, cognitive and nutritional state and self-management modules for physical training. Additionally, a module for unobtrusive monitoring of daily life functioning and emotions and an intelligent decision support corewas also developed. All modules are integrated in an interoperable platform as well as a playful environment enabling training in a game environment. These technologies have been brought together in, RRD's spin-off initiative.

Out of the lab- Into the Market

Municipalities and general practitioners (GP) offer online self-assessment. Aged people are then contacted by a GP or municipality/social welfare organisations for online self-management modules. Structural cooperation with educational institutes, nursing students (secondary and higher education) support seniors in using technology and health assessments. Since April 2016 it has been offered to over 10,0000  aged persons via more than 30 GP’s in 4 municipalities with the involvement of 6 welfare organisations. The societal RoI (Return on Investment) is positive with costs of ± €19 per user paid to the entity by municipalities.  This innovation is foreseen to be scaled up to 14 regional municipalities in Italy around 2016/2017.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The work within the framework programme has contributed significantly to It enabled us to put together expertise from different clinical and technical domains needed for the service modules. In addition, it offers the perfect mix of expertise from research to implementation, including business modelling. Also, the EIPonAHA, where RRD is actively involved in Action Groups as well as in our Reference Site, Twente, was important. Without the European framework this innovation could not have been realized.

More information

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