About the Innovator

Launched in 2010, OnApp software enables any company to build and sell their own cloud hosting services, like those from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. OnApp enables "Infrastructure-as-a-Service" on commodity hardware, and was the first turnkey solution for this purpose. OnApp has more than165 employees and more than 3000 clients. Its Emerging Technology Group, in Cambridge, UK, is a leading research group for cloud technologies, and has participated in FP7 and H2020 projects in the areas of systems, networks, low-power computation and security.

What is the innovation

As part of the FP7 Trilogy-2 project, OnApp developed a test-bed infrastructure and management platform for the 'liquid' sharing of cloud infrastructure resources between independent companies. This work paved the way for the OnApp Federation, a new way for service providers to pool cloud infrastructure resources, so that each member of the Federation can use global cloud infrastructure as part of their service, without having to invest in building it themselves. The OnApp Federation now spans 170+ locations in 43 countries.

OnApp hybrid cloud application screenshot and logo
OnApp hybrid cloud application offers new opportunities

Out of the lab – Into the Market

The OnApp Federation launched in 2015 after an extensive beta test. They are now marketing it to service providers as a way to compete on even terms with megaclouds like Amazon, by offering global scale and geographic reach on demand; to manage data sovereignty, by providing granular control of where applications and data are hosted; and to improve Internet application performance, by hosting applications close to end users. They have also launched, a cloud service built on the Federation.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The FP7 framework enabled OnApp, as an SME, to work with leading research partners including UC3M (lead), University of Cambridge, BT, Telefonica, NEC and others on a project that would otherwise be too large an undertaking for a start-up to embark on. The relationships and partnerships formed from the consortium have led to continued working relationships and partnerships. Participating has also allowed the OnApp team to gain expertise and benefit from thought leadership.

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