About the Innovator

OMMIC, based near Paris, France, is a leading supplier of Epitaxy, Foundry Services and MMICs, based around its expertise in III-V materials, design and processing. OMMIC is 100 people company founded in 2000. OMMIC process roadmaps include 70nm 300GHz and 40nm 500GHz MHEMT on GaAs for applications above 100GHz and very advanced 100nm and 60nm GaN/Si processes for mmw applications to replace GaAs solutions up to 100GHz. The 100nm process will be in production in 2017.

What is the innovation

The H2020 Tweether project is based on the most advanced 70nm MHEMT industrial process developed by OMMIC for W band radars. The process will be in production in 2016. This process and the TWEETHER chipset enables to reach very low receiving noise (3dB at 94GHz) combined with 200mW power amplifiers using a new 100nm GaAs PHEMT process.

Out of the lab – Into the Market

OMMIC has secured capital from its key shareholder, a number of banks and a state run investment bank, to upgrade the production line to 6 inch by July 2017. The customers have already sent their forecast for the next 3 years and this will enable to triple the sales by 2020.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Thanks to H2020, OMMIC has been able to complete the development of its 70nm MHEMT process which is indispensable to reach the toughest W band radar specs which cannot be met by the most silicon processes especially in terms of power and low noise. In addition this has consolidated the mmW supply chain in Europe.