About the Innovator

Net7 srl is an Italian SME based in Pisa, founded in April 2001. Its core business is the development of software applications for the web using Open Source software, with a special focus on Semantic Web and Linked Data oriented projects. The company, since its inception, has been giving applied research activities a central role, participating in several national or EU-funded projects and collaborating with academic institutions inEurope.

What is the innovation

Within Digital Manuscripts to European (DM2E), Net7 developed the first version of Pundit, a web annotation platform based on linked data technologies. In the project, Pundit was fundamental to extract computable data from textual documents (mainly transcriptions from manuscripts), allowing to pass from unstructured to structured data. Pundit in DM2E was released as a web client tool, specifically focused on Digital Humanities. It is now a complete ecosystem for Web Annotation, still powered by Semantic technologies but useful in every annotation context.

an open book with sheets of paperand a stack of books above, 2 pens and a laptop on it's right

Out of the lab – Into the Market

DM2E Pundit was significantly improved and enriched through research initiatives and commercial projects alike. A two-sided business plan, with B2C and B2B approaches are being used to reach the market. The B2C focuses on selling single user licences with a Freemium/Premium plan, to encouraging users to get on board - through blogs, social channels, Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Web Store, word-of-mouth - and requesting a fee only to professional users. The B2B model aims to create partnerships with companies and organizations like online magazines, news agencies, educational agencies, digital and humanities institutions.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Our participation in EU funded projects allowed Net7 to turn Pundit into a complete and mature suite for managing web annotations. The suite consists of two Annotation tools, the Pundit Annotator, that allows users to highlight and comment web pages, and the Pundit Annotator Pro, targeted for a professional audience who need to create semantic annotations. Finally, the Pundit Dashboard consists of an online platform where users review, search, export and manage annotations, highlights and comments created with Pundit.