About the Innovator

mHealth Technologies (mHT) is a spin-off company of the University of Bologna, established in 2014. Its ambitious objective is to take healthcare out of the hospital and to embed it into people’s lives through the use of mobile technologies. Co-founders of the company have previously worked in the Personal Health Systems Lab of the University, which has led the FARSEEING project towards its relevant achievements. This work enables better monitoring, prediction and prevention of falls in seniors.

What is the innovation

mHT have developed novel smartphone apps for instrumenting clinical tests for functional assessment. They provide automatic algorithms for objective and comprehensive checks, which goes beyond traditional clinical measures. The use of apps enables assessments that are portable and easily updateable. The apps have a user-friendly interface, providing personalised audio guidance/feedbacks and personalised reports. The apps include the uTUG (measure of motor function) and uSWAY (measure of postural sway) functions.

A figure describing the use of mht
A cartoon describing the use of mht

Out of the lab- Into the Market

Bringing the products out of the lab and into the market is the main mission of the spin-off. mHT and is turning potentially exploitable results into commercial products; the company is now completing CE certification of the apps as medical device. Through established partnerships, products are being tested in Italy and in other European countries (e.g. UK and Germany) to identify potential exploitability across different markets.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The Framework Programme enabled the research group who started mHT to work together in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, favouring creative thinking and innovation. Activities carried out have allowed the development and testing of a product which answers real and urgent questions and may support the implementation of better prevention policies and novel integrated care models across Europe in the future.