About the Innovator

ID QUANTIQUE SA is a Swiss company and founded in 2001. Its mission is to enable and drive the development of a whole range of technologies based on quantum photonics. The company commercializes products in three areas: scientific instrumentation, randomness generation and quantum cryptography. Moreover, it is involved in several industry associations and governmental institutions aiming at enabling and fostering Quantum Technologies adoption through industrial and consumer applications.

What is the innovation

Within the EU project SIQS, the work was on the development of single photon detection techniques optimized to work with quantum memories. This led to the development of a versatile single photon detector for visible light. A first version of this product, called ID120, is already commercialized. Its strengths are its very high efficiency (>80%), large active area (~500um) and its relatively low noise level (<200Hz).

An image of ID quantique product
An image of ID quantique product

Out of the lab – Into the Market

This technology is already commercialized with a basic electronics for about 2 years. The basics electronics that ID Quantique SA use presently limits too much the bandwidth for a quite large panel of applications. Therefore, the plan to improve the bandwidth keeping the same efficiency level by implementing an advanced electronics.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The framework programme helped both on the technical and the business development ones. SIQS had a strong collaboration with UNIGE on the development, whereas MPQ.EX.R tested the device and gave user feedbacks. Furthermore, a good collaboration was in place with PTB on the calibration of our product through a EURAMET project called MIQC. All those collaborations clearly speeded up and facilitated the product development.

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