About the Innovator

Cybernetica is an R&D-heavy information security corporation that develops and deploys mission-critical systems for customers around the world. Cybernetica solves real life problems through science and has thus developed several groundbreaking technologies, such as the first internet voting platform powering national and EU parliament elections; UXP interoperability platform which powers the Estonian X-road and several innovative marine navigation and communication technologies.

What is the innovation

Rmind is a statistical analysis tool inspired by other popular tools, but with end-to-end cryptographic privacy. Rmind collects encrypted databases and analyses them without removing the encryption using Cybernetica’s Sharemind platform. Rmind was made possible by breakthroughs in secure multi-party computation in the FP7 UaESMC project.

A picture of the cybernetica team
A picture of the cybernetica team

Out of the lab – Into the Market

Cybernetica licenses Rmind with its Sharemind secure data processing system. An analysis by EU law scholars and the Estonian Data Protection Authority agrees that Sharemind can prevent the identification of people so that, essentially, it is not processing personal data. We have completed commercial pilot projects for customers in Estonia and UK and have leads to projects both in Europe and the United States – all with the unique selling point of privacy protection. We are looking for strategic partnerships (integrators, cloud providers), and investment to support our growth into these markets.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Cybernetica tackles problems that take years to solve (Sharemind has been in development for 10 years). The framework programme projects allow us to form partnerships with end users who would normally avoid taking the risk with new technologies. These partnerships allow us to design our products to be user-friendly and address real market concerns.