About the Innovator

CSEM, a national innovation accelerator is a private, nonprofit research and innovation organization supported by the Swiss Confederation. It enhances industry’s competitiveness by developing technology platforms and transferring them to the industrial sector, via five strategic platforms: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); Systems; Photovoltaics & Energy Management; Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems; Surface Engineering. CSEM provides contract R&D and strategy and innovation consultancy, and develops specific business solutions covering key industrial sectors such life sciences, automation & control, among others.

What is the innovation

CSEM has applied its know-how to realize the first online monitoring platform for a Multi-Organ-Chip (MOC) system. CSEM printed electrochemical sensors will allow parallel measurements providing real-time data for multiple in-vitro cell culture metabolism markers. The solution implements sample handling and incubation, measurement, system washing, and calibration. The direct connection of the online monitoring platform to the Multi-Organ-Chip is also being evaluated. This work is being undertaken as part of the ongoing Horizon 2020 GateOne project.

What is 5G? the infographic describes the development of 5G overtime

Out of the lab – Into the Market

CSEM is adapting its technology platforms to the needs of the German spin-off company TissUse, delivering an innovative demonstrator of the automated monitoring platform. A direct collaboration between CSEM and TissUse after GateOne project (and its demonstrator phase) will lead to an industrial prototype developed jointly with TissUse. CSEM will apply all its know-how, its background IP, and its industrial network to help TissUse in each industrialization step, ensuring success at market entry.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

One of the missions of GateOne project is to lower the adoption barrier for bio-related technologies thanks to the use of smart systems. The TissUse–CSEM partnership within the GateOne project will further contribute to the existing platform’s value proposition by demonstrating the benefits of using printed sensors and online monitoring platforms toward a fully automated MOC system. This is ideally suited to sharing risk and building strong foundations for future partnership.