About the Innovator

APIS Hristovich is a legal publisher with 26 years of experience in provision of digital information services in the field of law and company data. Founded in 1989 in Sofia, this SME currently employs over 120 workers. Building on its leading position in Bulgaria, APIS attracted recently its first customers in the EU and the US. The Research and
Technology Development team focuses on the implementation of NLP (Natural Language Processing), norm mining technologies, and data analytics that re-shape their business from information to solution delivery.

What is the innovation

EULinksChecker (Add-in Tools for Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) was elaborated by APIS within the framework of the FP7 project EUCases as a series of open-source plug-ins, integrated within the most popular text editors and browsers. It aims to interactively assist legal practitioners by identifying and establishing links between EU legislation and case law, and national court decisions. It also facilitates legal research based on legal citations or other semantic connections of the drafted/viewed documents with EU legislation and case law.

Eulinkschecker helps legal researchers - a screeshotEulinkschecker helps legal researchers

Out of the lab – Into the Market

The links detection functionality of EULinksChecker is currently upgraded with additional languages and a juridical spellchecker that suggests corrections to improper legal citations written by users. Furthermore, after semantic analysis of legal terms, the tool will be able to suggest relevant case law. They plan to offer the plug-ins to the current and potential clients of our new Pan-European service, EuroCases, as a bonus. This will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and will help attract new customers.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Building upon the end-user applications ConsumerCases and EULinksChecker elaborated within the framework of the FP7 project EUCases, our company developed and introduced to the market its first Pan-European online service – EuroCases. EuroCases provides access to more than 150,000 national court decisions linked to 19 areas of EU law. Thus, our participation in the 7th Framework Programme has helped us to expand our product portfolio and to achieve our strategic goal of entering the European market.