The Innovation Radar (IR) is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation ICT projects. Using the radar, 40 of the best EU-funded innovators have been identified to compete with their EU-funded innovation for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016. The public was invited to vote for their favourite innovators among these 40 in order to find the top 16, who will then get to compete in the Innovation Radar final, at the ICT proposers' day in Bratislava on 26 September 2016.Read more details about this competition and the 16 finalists.

Excellent Science

Brussels Photonics Team | Innovation Radar

Young researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) - Belgium came up with a paradigm-shifting wavelength conversion mechanism to enable the practical realization of light sources emitting a wide range of colours that are expected to revolutionize point-of-care medical diagnostics, food safety analysis, and data communications.

Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati | Innovation Radar

Cognitive decline (dementia) currently costs Europe more than €130 billion/year for patient care. Animal models of higher-level cognition are necessary to test theories on the molecular basis of neurological disorders and to test therapies. In SISSA’s planned spinoff, NeuroMicronica, rodents are trained to express superior cognitive capacities – reaching performance levels of primates – as investigators measure and manipulate their brain processing. This custom-built, automated apparatus frees scientists’ curiousity from technical limitations.
ID Quantique SA

ID Quantique | Innovation radar

ID Quantique SA, within the EU project SIQS, worked on the development of single photon detection techniques optimized to work with quantum memories. ID Quantique SA developed a first version of a versatile single proton detector more efficient, more active area and with low noise level
Lancaster University

Interactive Systems Lab | Innovation radar

United Kingdom
Interactive Systems Lab's ShapeClip is a clip-on tool that enables designers, artists, and non-technical users to quickly and efficiently build shape-changing computers by transforming everyday screens and monitors into shape-changing displays.
Fraunhofer ITWM

Fraunhofer ITWM | Innovation radar

GPI is an open-source software tool which is a crucial software component to increase the parallel efficiency of simulations. GPI possesses the important features for performant and fault-tolerant parallel computing. It is based on an asynchronous communication model with light-weight remote completion. With GPI, each processor can directly access all data – regardless of which memory it is on without affecting other parallel processors.

Nommon | Innovation radar

Information about people’s activity and mobility patterns is an essential input for disciplines like urban planning, transportation engineering and public health studies. Nommon, through the project EUNOIA investigated how to analyse a variety of non-conventional sources of geolocated data (e.g., mobile phone records, GPS tracks, smart card data, Internet social networks, credit card transactions) to extract meaningful information about activity and mobility patterns in urban areas
Cybertronica Research

Cybertronica | Innovation radar

Imagine a beekeeper who, at any moment, could know with precision how many bees are in her beehive, their vital parameters, and the state of plants pollinated by bees. Such knowledge could greatly increase our ability to keep track of bee populations and to optimize honey production levels. Moreover, it could also help monitoring the state of biological organisms, and better understand complex interactions in nature's ecosystems. Such a technology is now in existence thanks to EU funded research.

Cybernetica | Innovation radar

Sharemind lets you collect encrypted data from multiple sources and process it without removing the encryption. No single party can access all collected records or decide what is published in the analysis. Sharemind is powered by Cybernetica’s breakthroughs in secure multi-party computing technology and has been used by European tax authorities, city governments and IT companies to privately process data.

Intrinsic ID | Innovation Radar

The Netherlands
The Physical Unclonable Function technology provides security for smart devices so even the smallest smart chips and devices can be secured in order to protect its users in their day-to-day lives.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center | Innovation radar

Barcelona Super Computing have built a novel toolset that generates an accurate, extremely fast power estimation model that we use to implement energy efficient task partitioning to execute applications in heterogeneous nodes, clusters and data centres. The results allow applications to run employing only 10% of the nodes, and reducing overall energy consumption by 50%. The toolset has the potential to vastly improve competitiveness in this market where energy consumption equipment procurement and maintenance costs directly impacts total cost of ownership.

Industrial & Enabling Tech

University of Le Mans | Innovation Radar

Being able to very quickly process a huge amount of audio and audiovisual content is a growing issue in digital society. The LST team at the University of Le Mans succeeded in developing a software technology for speech and speaker recognition that reduces drastically the computation time required to process huge amount of audio and video content while maintaining the quality of the output.

DFKI | Innovation Radar

OpenDS is today the most popular open-source driving simulation. It is used for a wide range of application cases: distraction research, human factors in autonomous driving, hazard perception, medical applications, driver training, and even a sailing simulator based on OpenDS for experiments in the maritime area.

BIBA | Innovation Radar

InnoNetScore is a tool that supports self-improvement and consulting activities to gain insights about the maturity of a collaborative innovation management and the distribution of best-practices across the network.

SafeToAct | Innovation Radar


SafeToAct creates products and methods for training radiologists. The company develop and sell physical artificial organ models (so called organ phantoms) for training both novices and experienced clinicians. Our realistic organ phantoms, originally developed in FP7 I-SUR, provide an intermediate step in training to increase patient safety.


APIS | Innovation radar

The Bulgarian SME APIS has developed a Pan-European linking platform and the EULinksChecker plug-ins for most popular browsers and word editors which assist users when reading or writing legal documents by identifying and establishing links to EU legislation and case law as well as national court decisions with EU relevance.

OnApp | Innovation radar

United Kingdom
By pooling and sharing cloud infrastructure, the OnApp Federation enables thousands of smaller providers to offer cloud services with the scale, location, data sovereignty and performance their customers need.

Genuino - Arduino | Innovation Radar

Experienced engineers. Everyday consumers. Educators and students. Now anyone has the ability to bring the Internet of Things to life using a single device. From cloud-connected wearables to Internet-controlled homes, the Genuino Yun makes that all possible. This new tool has been designed to be multipurpose, easy to reprogram, and is built with open source software and hardware. Genuino Yun brings IoT to the masses.

EpiGan | Innovation radar

GaN is used in LEDs or in base stations for wireless communications. EpiGaN offers innovative state-of-art solutions for GaN material outperforming currently-used Si electronics.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence | Innovation radar

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence's openEASE is an open source knowledge sharing platform like a wikipedia for robots. It provides a cloud based cross-domain digital innovation platform where robots can accomplish vaguely stated actions by filling in missing knowledge pieces on demand.

Ontotext | Innovation radar

Ontotext, part of PHEME, has developed a rumour detection algorithm and fact checking software that have became key components of the Journalism Dashboard for veracity Inference.

ICT for Society

MARLO AS | Innovation Radar

MARLO AS's is the first 'software as a service' solution to support multi-Shipper and multi-Carrier collaboration practices aligned with physical internet principles.This solution brings 35% reductions in transport cost and 50% reductions in carbon footprints.

The Netherlands Cancer Institute | Innovation Radar

The Netherlands
An automatic software framework brings personalized radiation therapy for prostate cancer to the clinic using medical resonance imaging to guide dose painting decisions.

Roessingh Research and Development BV | Innovation Radar

Netherlands is using ICT supported services to deliver intelligent, personalized and motivational services that aim to prevent frailty and functional decline among citizens. This approach could transform our care system into one that is more sustainable, personalized and proactive.

mHealth Technologies | Innovation Radar

mHT solutions are based on wearable sensors/smartphones and provide an objective and comprehensive assessment without the need for a movement analysis laboratory or expensive/bulky equipment. The person under examination can perform functional tests while wearing the mHT system and a report characterising the person’s motor status is generated at the end of the test.

Set Mobile SRL | Innovation radar

SmarterWater is the solution dedicated to data acquisition, analysis and user involvement regarding water consumption with a view to delivering a more conscious use of water resources. SmarterWater offers user profiling and consumption forecast, increased consumer engagement on efficient water use and operational cost reduction for water utilities.

Saarland University | Innovation Radar

ObTiMA can help set up, run and analyse a clinical trial fast, easy, and respecting all GCP criteria including data safety and security.

Net7 SRL | Innovation Radar

Pundit allows users to select any passage in the text and highlight it, to leave a comment as a note for a colleague, who can reply to or enrich it by creating semantic annotations that relates portions of the text to Wikipedia entities and to export their annotations into many formats, for future reuse.

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas | Innovation Radar

FastAR promises to automatically upgrade your website to an Augemented Reality (AR) Server that it is connected with major AR browsers.

PSNC | Innovation Radar

Cloud-based services environment hosted and developed by PSNC is already used to store and access tens of millions of data records from European heritage sector, particularly the Europeana cloud project.

Interplay Software SRL | Innovation Radar

Interplay Software has developed Videovivo, an interactive video platform that enhances video with all kinds of information. This innovation combines video, text, images, quizzes and gamification to allow for communication in more original and engaging ways.

Horizon 2020 ICT innovator

IHP | Innovation radar

The smart inhaler developed by IHP for asthma patients monitors all relevant insights and allows for assessing adherence to the patient’s care plan and medication.

OMMIC | Innovation radar

OMMIC sub 100nm GaAs MHEMT and GaN/SI processes and products are at the forefront of technology especially for 5G applications, and future radar and telecommunication systems up to 300GHz

Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona | Innovation radar

Easy-to use tools are under development to allow users to create expressive, credible Virtual Agents (VAs) that can undertake dialogues with users (offering advice, answering questions, etc.). WebGLStudio, from Pompeu Fabra University, has developed fully web-based 3D easy-to-use editing and animation platform that allow VAs to be automatically dispatched for immediate use, without complicated configuration.

The Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics | Innovation radar

Czech Republic
Researchers in Europe are developing a platform where health professionals can share information even if they do not speak a common language.

CSEM | Innovation radar

CSEM develops an online monitoring system which allows parallel and faster measurement of the response of Multi-Organ-Chip systems to exposure of drug compounds, cosmetic ingredients, or chemicals.

SECO | Innovation radar

SECO developed an innovative embedded solution that reacts in real-time and has enough computational power for specific tasks while consuming low levels of energy. It is built with scalability in mind, achieved through simple but fast interconnects, thread distribution and an easy programming model.

Realeyes | Innovation radar

Realeyes uses computer vision and machine-learning to measure how people feel through webcams while they watch video content online. They're developing an Ad Recommendation Engine, which leverages this emotional intelligence to programmatically target content to users and users to content, based on how they feel rather than their gender, age or interests.

University of Glasgow | Innovation radar

United Kingdom
Novel resonant tunneling diode (RTD) designs being developed by the High Frequency Electronics Group of Glasgow University have potential to open up new applications in imaging, ultra-broadband wireless communications as well as radar sensors. Unprecedented performance levels have already been demonstrated with this still-developing technology.

Brainstorm | Innovation radar

The SmartSet solution provides a low-cost and affordable virtual studio system for small TV channels, production companies, online television channels or even educational centres.

Peracton | Innovation radar

What do people think and share on social networks in real time? Peracton's augmented sentiment analytics, allows analysis - and understanding - of big data sets thanks to a newly developed social sentiment data platform, which can boost the decision making process, be it for financial markets or politics.